Finding first-time home buyers and eager move-up buyers who qualify and are interested in pursuing the federal tax credit, can be difficult, especially as the April 30 deadline approaches.

However, make sure you’re getting the word out.  You don’t know who might have not heard yet about the tax credit and realize that they’d better make a move quickly.


Get the information on your website.  Or, update the info on your site and provide links to resources.  It’s news that’s been around for a while and may be forgotten.  Bring it to the forefront for the next few weeks.


Send an email to your buyers reminding them of the deadline and, if appropriate, the link to the updated information on your website.  Include links to buying information, latest listings and a countdown to April 30.

Bring It Up

Talk about it.  When you’re with buyers, when you’re chatting on Twitter and Facebook as well as blogging mention the tax credit and deadlines.  Consider contacting your local newspapers and television stations to invite an interview explaining the tax credit.

Direct Mail

Drop a postcard to your buyers.  You’ve likely got a list of fence-sitters who are mulling over buying a home.  Remind them that the deadline is fast approaching to put in an offer on a home to qualify for the tax credit.

No matter how you market, be sure to remind buyers that the tax credit is out there, they may qualify and that time is running out.

Let us know how the tax credit is helping your business.

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Editor at Gooder Group
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