We know the life of a busy real estate professional.  You’re always “on” for your leads, prospects, current and former clients. Your phone is always buzzing with alerts and you’re frantically typing away, talking up a storm, and reviewing notes and docs.  You are never far from tech gadgets that keep you in the loop with your social media accounts, emails, texts, IMs and DMs that keep you connected to the legions looking to buy and sell a home.  

That’s great.  But, step back a moment.  

Are you actually listening to what your leads, prospects, current and former clients are really saying?  Do you understand the backstory when they ask for “X” or want you to negotiate for “Y” or state they can’t do “Z” under any circumstances?

If you’re just being reactive to all the incoming messages, you’re potentially missing out on a lot of valuable information that could help you better serve homebuyers and sellers.  What could your quick responsiveness be lacking?  Two things: listening and learning.  Yes, taking a pause, asking key questions and getting the whole picture.  

Here’s a checklist for you to use with your clients to create meaningful and information-packed conversations. With more listening, you’ll learn more to serve clients better and understand their situation completely so you can work to solve their homebuying and selling issues.

What is your client’s…

Timeline. Do they have flexibility? Is there truly no time to spare?  

Family. What is the current family composition and is that going to be changing soon? Does the family’s age, size, schooling and work locations and schedule reflect in the housing needs and/or timeline?  

Communication. Besides knowing the preferred method(s) of communication, what type of communicator is the client?  Are they apt to use one-word answers, detailed paragraphs that you need to decipher thoroughly, one sentence that doesn’t seem to answer the question or something else entirely?

Finances. Is this move fueled by financial gain or loss? Do the buyers have all their finances in line for mortgage preapproval to speed their offer along?

Needs and wants. Sometimes you have to extrapolate what a client says to truly understand their needs. Taking time to really understand their housing requirements may allow you to find a home they would have normally overlooked turns out to be the “one.”  

There is so much more you can learn from a client when you take a moment to really listen. Share your experiences of what you’ve learned by closely listening to clients and would-be clients.  And, remember Gooder Group is here to listen to your marketing needs to help you find new leads, close hot prospects, and keep lifetime clients.  

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