Your lead generation may be working great, bringing you lots of new home buyer and seller leads.  But, as you also may know, many of these leads are still early in the real estate process.  They’re simply gathering information, researching, thinking.  These leads are often far from delving in to looking at homes to buy or putting their home on the market.

How do you keep these leads in your pipeline, knowing that it may take a while before they are ready to make a move?

Nurture them.  Easily said, but how?  You use all the methods you use to find these leads to keep them interested, engaged and talking with you about their real estate needs.  Social media, email, direct mail, phone conversations, in-person meetings, newsletters, etc. all work to communicate and nurture these leads.

However, the key to your lead nurturing is not necessarily encouraging them to make a move immediately.  It’s respecting their stage in the real estate process and providing them with additional information, statistics, data, comparisons, real estate market research that helps to answer their questions about home buying and selling.

Your lead nurturing allows you to build up the relationship with the lead.  You gain their trust and listen to their needs.  You develop a clear understanding of what issues are most important to them in the home buying or selling process.  You are able to understand them more completely and work for their specific desires.  The lead feels more in control of the situation as they learn more about the process and you, but you ultimately are still directing the lead as you know exactly what stage the lead is at all times.

Your work is to match up the lead’s needs and timeline with your own business.  You will know when they are ready to buy or sell a home and can move them into the appropriate sales process at exactly the right time.

Share your lead nurturing best practices.

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
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    Agi Anderson

    Amy, you hit the nail on the head!! The problem, the majority of Realtors come from a different time and place and they’re practicing real estate of the 90’s.Realtors are having difficulty wrapping their head around of new millennium methods of marketing as in, incorporating landing pages, email drip campaigns, video marketing and using the web as a powerful tool that drives business. Since you invite best practice, I am just finishing up an an eGuide, Neighborhood Domination, which includes incorporating landing pages like: http://www/ ~ Excellent post!
    Agi Anderson, ePro Advisor

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