Back in the day, lead generation simply meant the phone rang, a postcard response card was delivered or walk-ins came in.  Who knows how they heard about you or where they got your name/number.  What billboard or newspaper ad did they see?  Was it the ad in the property magazine?  A flyer that they found…how?

Flash forward to today.  With web tools tied to your online presence, you have genuine leads that come to you with complete information — names, phone numbers, email addresses.  You know how hot they are right when their info drops into your email inbox.

And with today’s smart phones…you can reply and respond instantly from anywhere!  You’re on vacation?  No problem?  You’re in line at the grocery store?  No problem!  You’re just about anywhere on earth and you can respond quickly and completely.  There’s no excuse for a delay in response…and your leads expect that instantaneous response too!

If you’ve been a real estate pro for a decade or more, what has changed about the leads you work with?

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
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