In today’s rushed world, most consumers and buyers are inundated with marketing.  How do you stand out in this sea of information?  Take it from our star newsletter client and RE/MAX Top Producer Norma Fuller…

Today, everyone is geared to receiving something in email… they scan for a few seconds and then delete.  With the printed newsletter, these articles are actually full of pertinent information and worth filing away for future reference!  I always look forward to receiving the next issue myself.  The articles are so good; I don’t want to miss reading my own newsletter.  Every issue is timely with topics that contain really good information the consumers can use and learn. The newsletter is invaluable in keeping touch with past clients

-Norma Fuller

Providing valuable information – as well as consistent communication have always been the keys to closing a sale — and can be the reason a buyer or seller chooses you versus all the other agents vying for their business.

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