How is your blog doing?  How much traffic does your blog generate?

The key is, how are you promoting you blog?  Take a step back and think of all the ways your are promoting your blog — or the no-cost or low-cost ways you can promote your blog to generate more home buying and home selling readers.

Here’s a checklist to check how your blog promotion measures up:

  • Regular emails focusing solely on your blog — targeted to your email lists’ needs and situation
  • Mention your blog in phone conversations, emails and in-person meetings
  • Include a pop-up on your main website announcing blog and inviting people to sign up for RSS feed/email list to auto receive new posts right when they’re posted.
  • Include blog address on any reprinting of business cards and any marketing/paperwork
  • Mention your blog in your printed and email newsletters
  • Update contact info on your website to include blog address prominently
  • If you have a resources site on your main website, be sure to list your blog address
  • If you have an about section on your main website, mention that you blog regularly
  • Consider adding a flyer or blurb about your blog in any direct mail piece that goes out if it doesn’t affect weight and/or message of original piece
  • When someone posts to the blog, be sure to contact clients who might benefit the most — buyers about a buyer blog topic; sellers about a seller blog post
  • Consider finding someone to guest blog on your site — a mortgage loan professional, local handyman, house stager, etc.
  • Consider blog address and Twitter contact info important enough to include in all your contact info
  • Comment on others’ related blog posts
  • Respond promptly to all comments
  • Research signing on to blog directories
  • Think about where home buying and selling consumers visit and read (& comment) on those blogs

Let us know how you promote your blog to generate more traffic — and more business.  Share your ideas!

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
Amy is editor extraordinaire. If she’s not writing, proofing or editing, she’s traveling the world and taking photos around every corner.

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