Recently I took my car in for service at the dealer. It’s in good shape, about four years old and has not a lot of miles on it. I had one repair done on it and took it home not thinking much more about it. In fact, I didn’t even walk in the showroom or on the lot to look at new models. I’m simply not in the market for a new car right now.

Flash forward five days later. I just got an email from a sales consultant at the dealer. To protect the innocent, I’m blocking out the identifying information:

“I am NAME from CAR DEALER. I noticed you brought your 20XX MODEL in for service recently. We have had a number of customers looking for the older MODEL body style. I was wondering if you have put any thought into selling your MODEL (or trading it in). As you may know, MAKE has redesigned the all-new 2011 MODEL and we have more than twelve in stock now. Please let me know if this is of interest to you. You may reach me directly at PHONE #.”

Interesting way to see if I’m interested in buying a new car, or possibly filling in their used car selection. Either way, it got me thinking — albeit very briefly — about selling my car and upgrading.

Now, houses don’t go in for service, but neighborhoods still have sought-after, desirable homes. Do you have buyers looking in certain neighborhoods, but not finding what they want? Create a direct mail piece to go directly to specific homeowners (who own homes that fit the style/size that your buyers are looking for) in that sought-after neighborhood and ask them outright if they’ve been considering selling their home.

You might be surprised after your inquiry to find you have some new listings, or better yet, happy new buyers who found exactly what they were looking for!

Let us know if you ever contact home owners on behalf of buyers who have their eye on a specific home.

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