As the real estate market turns, I’ve been talking to Rainmakers around the country lately about how they are generating listings…what works (and what doesn’t) in the new market. Margaret Rome, a top agent in Baltimore and an Allen F. Hainge CyberStar ( ), is busier than ever this year. Why?

“I kept up my advertising when others dropped out,” Margaret said. “In fact I’m doing even more ads than before. I negotiated lower rates for my print ads. That means for the same budget I actually can afford more advertising, not less.”

Margaret Rome

Margaret’s two-fold advertising strategy is designed to generate business using offline ads and a great website. “Primarily my local ads are designed to generate listings. Local owners see the ads and my branding and visit my website. Then I’ve got them,” Margaret said. “I put all my listings in each ad. In all ads I include my web address in the text, plus maybe four other places. When a prospect sees the ad, they are exposed to my web address over and over. The site is designed to reinforce my brand and also persuade owners to list with me. A second benefit is that the ads drive local buyers to my site. When they send me e-mail or complete a response form, I follow-up the old-fashioned way…I pick up the phone and call them. Some are astonished…and impressed…when I tell them I can search the MLS for the exact features they are looking for and alert them when a matching property comes on the market. They love it. And they think I’m amazing. Of course, that’s fine Real Estate the Rome Way by Margaret Rome with me.”

Check out Margaret’s website, , and you’ll see why she is such a successful lister. From many of her own listings prominentl y on her home page (including recently sold listings, “Too Late!” and “Coming Soon”) to her listing-oriented slogan and branding (“Sell Your Home with Margaret Rome”), you’ll see how one of the top Rainmakers in America convinces sellers to list with her.

While you are there buy a copy of Margaret’s new book for real estate professionals, Real Estate the Rome Way , at . Margaret’s book was rated one of the top 10 real estate books in 2008 by . She certainly practices what she preaches.

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