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Your number one marketing goal as a Real Estate agent is to stand out in the crowd and stay top of mind as an industry expert. A nice logo and a pretty website design does not sell you, these only play a secondary support role to your overall brand. Frequently posting valuable industry content will boost your search engine optimization (SEO), will position you as an industry expert, and will gain credibility with your audience.

Where do I start? The content on your website should always start with proper market research. What are buyers and sellers interested in reading? What changes are happening in the market? Informative and concise content will keep your readers loyal and keep you top of mind when they are ready to buy or sell a home.

How to get the most out of your content – To truly get the most from your content, you need to expand your audience and utilize the power of social media. Your content should be distributed through social media sites like Facebook.

The greatest advantage to content – The greatest advantage of fresh and relevant content is simple, most agents don’t have it! We talk to several agents on a daily basis and hear a variety of reasons as to why they don’t utilize one of the most effective marketing strategies. The most common reasons are…

“It’s hard enough to find time to keep up with all my Real Estate duties and life, I have no idea how I could squeeze in time to create consistent and relevant content”

“I’m a real estate agent, not a writer”

“I want to present a professional brand and editing is NOT my strong point.”

Don’t let these challenges prevent you from standing out in the crowd. For fresh and relevant content created for you, check out our eContent offering.  EContent is the best of both worlds and not only provides you with fresh content, it gives you the ability to add your own personalization.

Tracy Burakowski

Sales Director at Gooder Group
Tracy is the main point of contact for sales at the Gooder Group. When she is not working with clients she is spending time at their family's house on the Eastern Shore.

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