After returning from Howard Brinton’s 20th Star Power Conference an interesting marketing trend emerged.  More and more Rainmaker real estate agents are targeting specific market niches.  But that isn’t surprising.  What is new is that they are using standalone microsites with standalone domains…not their main branded site.

We see more Rainmaker real estate agents using rifle-shot targeted sites for IDX home search, MLS alerts, short sales, first-time buyers, investors, new homes, FSBOs, relocation, condos, waterfront, even nudists and golfers (that’s two separate markets).  The list is as endless as the number of specialty markets.  Often these Rainmakers point to the standalone site from multiple domains, especially geo-specific URLs with a town/area/subdivision modifier.  (“Prospects feel like it’s their own site,” a top Rainmaker told me.)

Here’s why standalone microsites work.

Consumer-centric websites that target a specific market – rather than agent-centric sites or catchall sites that are rich in content — should be separate to not distract targeted prospect with robust navigation.  Simple is good.

Other advantages of standalone sites:

  • Offline promotion is easier with a single focus for headlines and copy.
  • Unique (indexible) content and keywords boosts SEO and organic search placement.
  • Direct “topical” links to standalone sites are easy from your blog site and social media profiles.
  • If local people know you well, prospects may be more comfortable first going to an unbranded targeted site rather than your personality site.
  • Building a target market focus around specialty(s) allows you to brand yourself with high-value information and expert service.
  • Standalone specialty brands become an exit strategy.

Have you noticed more standalone microsites in your market?  Share what you’ve seen.

Dan Richard

Emeritus at Gooder Group
Dan is the Founder of the Gooder Group and the author of a series of successful Real Estate books:

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