Closing the discussion on Virtual Assistants (VAs), here are some resources on how to find the perfect VA for your business:

  • Ask other real estate professionals for referrals.
  • Visit Gooder Group’s Rainmaker E-Central-trained list of VAs.
  • Visit for a directory.
  • Check out IVAA Directory at, the website of the International Virtual Assistants Association. Filter for “Real Estate” designation.
  • If it’s important that your VA be available for occasional face-to-face meetings, limit your search to your geographical region.

Now that you’ve found a VA, how do you get started with a VA?

  • After you have interviewed and selected a VA, let them guide you.
  • Some VAs have specific “start-up” procedures, such as a no-fee one-hour consultation, others begin with a small project and go from there.
  • Develop and agree on a specific list of tasks or projects to minimize misunderstandings. Be explicit and put in writing everything that needs to be done.

Whether you are working to find a VA, have had one for a while, or are just getting started using a VA, let us know how you found your VA.

Dan Richard

Emeritus at Gooder Group
Dan is the Founder of the Gooder Group and the author of a series of successful Real Estate books:

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