Your recently closed home buying and selling clients should be considered “found money” to you and your marketing plan.  They are far more valuable to your business for much more than what their last closed transaction was worth.

For starters, we will assume all these clients received your excellent service and are happy with the home selling and buying assistance you provided during their transaction.  These consumers who have recently worked with you and have the details of their excellent real estate experience fresh in their mind are most likely to want to work with you again.  However, since they just bought or sold a house, it may be a while before they can use your services again.

One way to harness this goodwill is to simply keep in touch.  And, start off right away after closing.  Recent clients are most likely to respond to offers from you because they just worked with you.  They know you.  They are satisfied customers.

What is an effective way to keep the momentum with recent clients?  Asking for referrals.  You don’t even have to be very open with your “ask.”  You can gently remind recent clients to share your e-newsletter, fan you on Facebook, suggest your Facebook page to their friends, and other items that will get the word out to their circle of influence.  They are likely to write their own testimonials in the process and it’s honest, truthful

Ask for little things and don’t lose the opportunity of goodwill.  Let us know how you keep recent clients in the loop.

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
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