Recently, my kids received a toy that got me thinking about focused marketing.  Kind of a stretch, right?  The toy is from a friend who lives in Japan.  The best way to describe it is an extended-lens snorkel mask.  Now before you try to figure that out, the bottom line is that it helps the kids see underwater without having to go completely underwater.

The advantage to this is that the kids don’t have to worry about juggling many tasks while searching for interesting things underwater – “annoying” things that are numerous like holding their breath, keeping their mouths closed, dealing with the sometimes uncomfortable feeling of water in their ears, and just plain swimming.

These mask toys get strapped on to the kids’ head, covering their eyes and nose.  Then while standing in water, the child just leans over and starts peering straight down into the water – looking for lost treasure, wildlife or just a cool rock.  All the while they have a great view without all the distractions of being underwater.

They love the masks and it allows them to search the water easily for all the things that are important to them!

The masks are like the marketing and tech tools that you use in your business.  Many of these items you use allow you to focus on what is most important to your business, and not be distracted by the little stuff.

Sometimes you need a tool to help you create that narrow focus. If you’re being distracted from the big picture in your marketing, you need new or better tools.  Then it’s time to check out Gooder Group.  Start with Rainmaker E-Central, a system with lead-capture web forms, informative website content, e-mail drip marketing plans and campaigns, and unlimited microsites.  Rainmaker E-Central offers a lot more than a simple snorkel mask, but it will help immensely in your search for new home buyers and sellers!

Let us know what tools you use to help you focus your marketing.

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Editor at Gooder Group
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