In your quest to generate new leads, convert them to prospects and close business with them as clients, your initial reaction is probably the more, the merrier.

Taking a step back, you realize that the more qualified the lead, the better the chances are to convert that individual to a client.

So…the more, the merrier may be more work than you imagined.  Instead, you’re looking for clients that “wow” you.  Every so often (hopefully more often than not) you work with a client who knows what they want, communicates well and is, overall, easy to work for.  You wish all your clients were like this person!

Before you go further, identify the key characteristics of this “easy to work for” client.

You may believe that the client fits a certain demographic, and that may be true.  But, overall, it’s how well your services and support fit with this clients’ needs.

If they are an “email only” or “text only” kind of communicator — and you are too — you are likely to mesh well with this client and meet their needs in the way that they expect and you are accustomed to.  On the other hand, if they are a “phone only” or “in-person only” kind of communicator — and you are NOT — you are likely to experience frustration with this client, and, in turn, they will experience the same from you as you’re both not meeting each others’ needs and communication styles.

Finding clients who are like you or do business in a similar manner will make both your job easier and their home selling or home buying process more pleasant.

Identify the demographics of your “ideal client” and then target this group.  It’s likely that if they share certain demographics with you, they may share similar communication styles and business relationship mannerisms with you, ultimately satisfying your client and streamlining your role.

What have you learned about your business style and how it meshes (or conflicts) with clients?

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
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