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Guess what. Facebook has come up with another way to pay them to market yourself on Facebook. Just out of beta testing, Facebook’s “Promoted Posts” are billed as being “a simple way to reach more of the people who like your page and their friends.”

Did you know your FB posts don’t reach all your fans or friends every time you post? Posting is not mass messaging. In fact, on average, an individual post only reaches 17% of your fans. How can that be, you ask? They are my fans/friends after all.

Not really.

In Facebook the Edge Rank algorithm weighs the importance of a post to a user using a combination of three factors: Affinity, Edge Weight and Recency. To most of us that is gibberish but to Facebook, that determines what appears in someone’s news feed.  Want to increase your message reach? Promoted Posts will make your post more important using the Edge Rank algorithm and therefore reach more people – for a price.

View Facebook’s introduction video on Promoted Posts here.

Instead of rehashing step-by step how Promoted Posts work, here are the key need-to-knows before you decide to plunk down your credit card and buy into the Promoted Posts process.

1) Don’t promote just anything.
You pay to have Promoted Posts enhance the importance of the content in the post to insure it is seen by more people. Thus your content should be attention grabbing. If you’re planning to promote a new listing, a special service, or some local community news, Promoted Posts are a good way to go. Video and photo promotions are also highly encouraged. Avoid promoting posts that aren’t of importance such as “Have a great weekend!” You’re paying for it, remember.

2) Plan a wise budget.
You can pay $5, $10, $15, or $20 to have your post sponsored and seen by more eyes – the more you pay the more news feeds your post will appear in. Figure out how often you’ll want to sponsor your posts and how much you’re willing to spend before you decide to run a campaign. Then stick to your budget! Compared to only 17% reach on average, bigger reach – and more response – can be addicting.

3) 400 Likes is the minimum.
You need at least 400 Likes on your Page to promote a post; otherwise Facebook determined you wouldn’t be getting your money’s worth. Just shy of hitting that “Like” goal? Your first step is to ramp up your messages to clients, friends, or family to encourage them to become a fan of your page. Don’t forget: Use your other marketing channels (Drip E-mail, Newsletter Campaign) to advertise your Facebook Page to get that extra boost.

4) Be timely.
Facebook gives you 3 days from when a post is first created to enhance it with a promotion. BTW, the Promoted Post promotion is also for the same 3 days. Thus, you’ll get the most out of a promotion if you do it right away. For example: If you promote the post a day after you create it, you will only get two full days of promotion instead of three and lose those extra views you could have had with an extra day. But your bill will be the same. Waste not, want not.

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