The Huffington Post says that the average U.S. worker spends 6.3 hours a day checking email. This is just one of the reasons why email marketing is a must for any successful Real Estate agent. However, given our hectic lifestyles and time restrictions creating relevant and engaging content can sometimes be challenging. Not to mention that prospects need to be nurtured and generally it takes several touches before they will need your services. That’s where automated “drip” email – messages that are sent automatically over a period of time – comes in.  If you haven’t already implemented an automated drip email system, now is the time to increase your productivity and find one. Drip email campaigns are designed based on your prospects interests or goals and are the most effective way to nurture prospects that need a little guidance through the sales funnel. Examples of drip email campaigns are….

  • For Sale by Owner
  • First Time Home Buyer
  • Trade Up & New Homes
  • Internet Prospect Seller
  • After Prelisting Appointment

Sending a potential First Time Home Buyer emails targeted to a First Time Home Buyer will not only increase your open rate but will also offer value, build trust and loyalty among your targeted prospects. Do you have prospects that don’t fit into a bucket? Don’t forget about eNewsletters. ENewsletters, with rich content, are great for former clients or prospects that don’t fit into a targeted plan. A monthly eNewsletter will provide your contact base with valuable content and keep prospects engaged until they are ready for their next move.

Best practices for eMail Marketing:

  • Always have a Call to Action – A Call to Action can be anything from registering for an upcoming event to downloading an eBook.
  • Easy to read on mobile devices – A majority of emails are read on cell phones these days, make sure your emails look good on all mobile devices.
  • Provide professional and engaging content – In addition, to providing valuable content you should always spell check and edit before you send.

Tracy Burakowski

Sales Director at Gooder Group
Tracy is the main point of contact for sales at the Gooder Group. When she is not working with clients she is spending time at their family's house on the Eastern Shore.

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