A recent study on the importance of different web usability criteria by researchers at Southern Illinois University found that men first prefer ease of use, then fast download speed and third, easy navigation. Women, on the other hand, prefer ease of use first, easy navigation second and accessibility third.

The researchers pointed out that both men and women prefer ease of use in websites as their first most important criteria. This is a universal preference. And, as you review, update and possibly redesign your site, think “ease of use” first and foremost for your website. No matter who visits your site, they’ll be able to figure our your site fast and get the information they need.  Not to mention that finding what you want quickly on a website often makes one feel good…and more likely to take action on that particular website (yours!) and recommend it to others!

As you visit websites and gather ideas for your website changes/redesign, be sure to assess the ideas with ease of use in the fore front. Your website visitors – home buyer and seller leads and prospects — will appreciate it!

How do you determine if a website is easy to use? Do you have any good examples (maybe your own website?) of easy to use websites? Share what ease of use means to you on the Internet.

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