Recently, I was re-reading Dan Richard’s article “Proven Techniques to Turn Your Website Into A Lead-Generating Machine” from Real Estate Professional Magazine.  The part that really caught my eye that is worth repeating again is the last point Dan made of the four fundamentals of e-marketing – consistent follow up.

In light of today’s new focus on social networking, follow up is still vital in professional relationships.  No matter how much you feel you are connecting with a prospect through social networking sites, you still need to follow up and make it personal.

Drip email, direct messages through social networking sites, printed and electronic newsletters are all useful methods to keep in touch.  And, as we all know, tech tools allow you to automate a lot of this follow up, but you need to be careful.  The personal touch is still needed — at the right time.

Follow up diligently.  Add the personal touch.  And, continue to use your tech tools and connect with prospects and colleagues.  Just don’t forget to keep the momentum going by reaching out in some traditional ways too.

Dan closes with, “As before the Internet, property information attracts consumers and appealing offers capture prospects. At the end of the day, good old-fashioned principles of prompt, personal attention, and persistence, persistence, persistence never go out of style.”

Would you agree with that?

Amy Hausman

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