REAL ESTATE RAINMAKER Guide to Online Marketing by Dan Gooder Richard was first published in 2004…more than a decade ago. We recently revisited the book’s “20 New Rules of Online Marketing.” In today’s digital age…even looking back over the introduction of eBooks, smartphones, social media and mobile devices…these 20 rules still ring true today. They bear repeating…

1. Old Rule:
New Rule:
The Internet changes everything.
The Internet changes everything except the rules of business.
2. Old Rule:
New Rule:
The Internet will change real estate, as we know it.
Your business is your business and the Internet is a tool to be used.
3. Old Rule:
New Rule:
Your name is your brand.
Your brand should never be your name.
4. Old Rule:
New Rule:
Your website is all about you.
Your website is all about the customer.
5. Old Rule:
New Rule:
Online advertising will surpass offline advertising.
Integrated offline and online promotion wins every time.
6. Old Rule:
New Rule:
If you link out to other websites, prospects will never come back.
If you’re not networking on the Internet, you’re not working.
7. Old Rule:
New Rule:
Optimizing your site for search engines is the key to traffic.
Offline promotion, strategic links, and search marketing combined maximize traffic.
8. Old Rule:
New Rule:
Delivering leads is the only job for a website.
The best websites deliver leads and customer service.
9. Old Rule:
New Rule:
A picture is worth a thousand words.
A website is worth a thousand pictures.
10. Old Rule:
New Rule:
The Internet will disintermediate real estate professionals.
The Internet makes personal service even more priceless.
11. Old Rule:
New Rule:
Market share is paramount.
Lifetime share of customer is even more valuable.
12. Old Rule:
New Rule:
The Internet works best as a direct marketing medium.
The Internet helps you generate transactions and build relationships.
13. Old Rule:
New Rule:
Spam will be the death of e-mail.
Permission marketing will survive after spam is outlawed.
14. Old Rule:
New Rule:
Content is king.
The right customer-focused content is king.
15. Old Rule:
New Rule:
The dot-com era was the peak of the Internet.
The Next Wave Internet boom is here — and it’s going to last.
16. Old Rule:
New Rule:
Internet games are diversions for kids.
Kids who first played Internet games are now prime first-time buyers.
17. Old Rule:
New Rule:
Internet users aren’t like you or me.
Internet users are you and me.
18. Old Rule:
New Rule:
All this tech-talk is just Geek to me.
You should definitely hire a virtual assistant.
19. Old Rule:
New Rule:
Best practices are the best practices.
Best practices are the ones that work for you.
20. Old Rule:
New Rule:
Retirement means declaring victory and turning out the lights.
Retirement means selling your e-practice to the highest bidder.

Dan Gooder Richard’s 20 New Rules of Online Marketing are from REAL ESTATE RAINMAKER® Guide to Online Marketing (ISBN 0-471-47223-9) published by John Wiley & Sons.

These are just some of the new rules of online marketing that you’ll find in this helpful, hands-on guide.In the “Real Estate Rainmaker: Guide to Online Marketing”, Dan Gooder Richard offers new solutions and proven ways to use the Internet to drive your real estate business. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran real estate pro, you’ll find all the cutting-edge online strategies you need to design and implement your own effective, profitable marketing strategy – with practical guidance on building a unique online brand with web domains, websites, and e-mail marketing strategies. Full of real-world examples and straightforward guidelines, the “Real Estate Rainmaker: Guide to Online Marketing” will help you generate more leads and more business than you ever thought possible!
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