As we discussed yesterday, consumer reviews of your business are vital. Getting those great reviews means you’re not only providing great service, but providing useful information — excellent, valuable content for home buyers and sellers.

Take a step back to see what type of content you have available. Your blog, your newsletter(s), information on your website, various services that you subscribe to that push content to consumers, etc. Determine what your rights are to that content and if you can share it. (Above all, respect copyrights.)

Next, once you have all your content assembled and know what content can be redistributed, determine the best methods to share the content. Think of your blog, your Twitter account, Facebook notes and status updates, targeted ads leading to a landing page/specific pages on your website, etc. What content would work well as printed pieces to generate leads? Consider all the possibilities and weave them into your marketing plan.

What are your best practices for content marketing?

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
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