I’ve been training agents and assistants alike in using  Rainmaker E-Central for quite a while.  One common question that comes up is:  “How often should I send out emails to my contacts.”  It’s a very good question, that unfortunately is not very easy to answer when you are looking at the situation from a marketer’s perspective.  Turning the tables, though, and the question is very easy to answer.  Make believe that you are the contact, and that we’re talking about computers and not real estate, or whatever field you are currently in.

First let’s consider the scenario where you just bought a brand new computer, how often would you like to get emails from the company that sold it to you?  What frequency would cause you to opt out, or even worse, start marking things as Spam in your inbox?  If you got daily, or even weekly “specials” trying to sell you a new computer, when you just bought one, what would your response be?  What about a monthly email tip, or assistance, that gave you some good information, related to the computer that you just bought?  All would elicit a different response from you.

Now, what if your current computer was old, and you were shopping around for a new one?  Would those same daily email specials, offering all sorts of good deals seem like such a bad idea?

My point is, that each contact that you have is a different individual, and their circumstances will dictate how much they will tolerate.  Remember, permission based marketing, doesn’t just mean that once they give you permission to contact them you can send whatever you want.  Permission can be taken away just as easily as it is given.  They can always opt-out, mark as Spam, unfollow, block, or whatever term is used on your communication platform of choice.

By giving them what they are looking for at the frequency that they’re looking for, you not only are doing them a favor, but yourself one as well, as you will keep them as a contact as well as a client.

Dan Richard

Emeritus at Gooder Group
Dan is the Founder of the Gooder Group and the author of a series of successful Real Estate books: https://www.amazon.com/Dan-Gooder-Richard/e/B000APPTQK/.

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