Sometimes a little more information is all it takes to get home buyers or sellers to make the move to purchase a home or put their home up for sale.  Your blog can be that information source to help inform buyers and sellers and get them closer to their decision.

Every week Gooder Group provides one seller topic and one buyer topic to help you craft a new post (or two or a series) for your blog that will help educate your readers.  And, if you need more ideas for blog posts, be sure to visit our blog archive for even more seller and buyer topics.

Buyers topic for your blog:

As always, buyers are looking for the best price on a home to buy.  Mortgage interest rates are inching upwards again, but still near historical lows.  Provide a simple calculator or chart (especially good for those visual learners!) that shows a typical range of home prices in your area, different down payments, various interest rates and monthly mortgage payment.  When buyers see how much they can afford to buy in the neighborhoods they’re interested in, it can encourage some of those buyers to make a move.

Sellers topic for your blog:

Sellers who are underwater may believe that they have no options available to them except to stay put or walk away.  Various other options exist including short sales.  Explain short sales in detail explaining the pros and cons for the home seller, the future home buyer and the mortgage holder’s role.  (On a side note you may consider explaining in a later post how traditional sellers on the market fare better against these short sales by being able to sell with fewer “strings attached” and a more attractive time line to ownership.)

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