When you commit to a blog, you commit to posting something of relevance to your target readers — home sellers and home buyers.  Even though it can be difficult to write regularly, the information you provide on your blog can help buyers and sellers find you online.

If you’re in need of some fresh ideas for your blog, check our blog each and every Sunday.  We list one seller and one buyer topic that you can use to create your own blog post — or a series of posts.  Either way, using these topics insure you’re providing solid content to your readers — information they are searching for.  If you’re in need of even more blog topics, check out our blog topic archive as well.

Buyers topic for your blog:

Home buyers may be sitting on the side lines because they can’t come up with a big enough down payment on a home or they can’t qualify for traditional mortgage financing.  Take time to outline simple ways buyers can find down payment funds (gifts from parents, grandparents, other relatives; ways to save money to build a nest egg; etc.) to get into the home they want.  Additionally, outline loan programs that don’t make the headlines that may be available from lenders in your area.  (Link to local recommended lenders who offer other loan products that can help buyers who need options.)

Sellers topic for your blog:

Buyers today are not only looking for the best price and move-in condition of their next home, but they’re looking for flexible space in that same home.  Encourage sellers to open up their homes to fresh ideas.  Sellers who want to make their home stand out should consider staging certain areas or rooms as an office, play area or separate dining area if there wasn’t one before.  By using furniture and items around the house, sellers can create spaces within their homes that they never knew that they had — and that look inviting to potential buyers.  List recommended stagers if sellers are looking for additional help to make their home shine while on the market.

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