Boosting your Facebook presence can be super simple with just a few tips and tricks. Read on to learn how to get liked, be followed, and get noticed!

  1. Be complete. Optimize your Facebook page information. Do your cover and profile photo highlight that you are a real estate agent? Have you completed all page Info fields? Make sure you include your website address, select the categories and subcategories that best describe your agency, list your address, phone number, and hours of operation. All of this information will help with your Search Engine Optimization
  2. Be consistent. It’s hard to fully engage followers when your posts are not consistent and you have long periods of time with no activity.
  3. Be engaging. Occasionally post a survey to future engage your followers. For example, post a picture of a unique kitchen and ask followers if they would want it in their house? Survey what type of home followers would want as their “Second Home” and list a.) Mountain House b.) Beach House c.) Lake House. Get creative.
  4. Be Followed. Change the way you ask for followers. Instead of “asking” people to like your page, tell your friends and prospects to “follow” your page to keep current with updated Market information and read about the latest industry trends.
  5. Be Liked. Like your own posts and share your content to your Facebook personal page. Every “Like” counts and whenever there is activity on a post it increases your rank on the Facebook newsfeed.
  6. Be promoted. Never miss an opportunity to promote your Facebook page. Agents utilize multiple marketing channels, promote your Facebook Page on your website header, your e-mail signature, marketing e-mail footers, business cards, and all other digital marketing materials.

Tracy Burakowski

Sales Director at Gooder Group
Tracy is the main point of contact for sales at the Gooder Group. When she is not working with clients she is spending time at their family's house on the Eastern Shore.

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