If you’ve got anyone working for you — full time, part time, virtual, a friend or a spouse — it’s imperative that they’re part of your team.

Yes, you say, “your team.”  Of course they are physically part of your team, but do they understand what it means to truly be part of your team?  Do they understand your mindset?

Whenever you have someone join your team — in any role — you need to train them to understand your philosophy when it comes to real estate service.  We’re not talking hours of training, but a nice sit-down overview of what you stand for so that your other team members are on the same page with you as they do their job for you — or for the client.

Even if none of your team members ever answer the phone, see an email or visit with a lead or client in any capacity, they still will benefit from understanding what you do, why you do it and how you do it.  They are part of the process of working with home sellers or buyers in some way — either in person or behind the scenes.

Excellent customer service is likely high on your list.  Explain that to your team so that they understand what excellent customer service entails:  bending over backwards to get the answer for your home seller or buyer; being prompt with communication; ensuring excellence in all forms of communication; being available and friendly; making sure details are adhered to; producing correct documents — the first time around.  These few reminders to your team members can make the difference between making your team feel like a team and work like a team!

Let us know how you keep everyone working as a team and how you train your team.

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
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