Continuing our discussion of best practices for form design, today we visit the privacy practices issue.  (Many of these tips are valid for your main web site and also for your microsites.)

Always, always, always treat prospects’ privacy as sacred.

Let your prospects know:

  • You keep all conversations in complete confidence.
  • You do not share contact’s information with anyone else.
  • You do not sell contact’s information to anyone else.
  • You do not spam.
  • You provide unsubscribe options on every email you send, putting the recipient in control of emails received.
  • You respect your contact’s privacy and will uphold their trust in you.
  • You will only send them information that they request.

Outlining your privacy policy showcases your trustworthiness and makes you the professional that you are.

Consider a link to a privacy policy that outlines your data collection practices in detail and meets your state regulations (if any).  Many online advertisers require a privacy policy be in place on your website before you can advertise with them.  Simply search on “privacy policies for websites” to find a myriad of sources for these auto privacy policy generators.

Let us know how you handle privacy issues with your contact forms.

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