As we all stay connected with our smart phones and social media, we are inundated with information; we look at it and promptly move on to the next thing. Engaging clients becomes harder and converting leads almost impossible. What sticks with clients, what are they looking for and how can you help?

For real estate agents looking to keep their clients engaged and informed, it doesn’t get any easier than Rainmaker Brochures and Handbooks. These informative handouts do all of the talking – all you have to do is follow up and close the deal. Rainmaker brochures come in a variety of titles to educate your clients on the many aspects of buying and selling, they are topical and easy to read and understand.

Rainmaker Handbooks provide in-depth details on the buying and selling process, it’s a win-win – your clients get the answers they need, and you get a well informed buyer and seller. Best of all with a personalized brochure or handbook – once they close on their house they can pass it along to friends and family – generating more leads for you.

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