Retail sales for the holiday season 2010 (of which the period doesn’t officially end until December 31) are up 3.3% from last year’s figures according to the National Retail Federation. If these numbers continue, this year’s holiday retail sales could be a positive foreshadowing of what’s in store for 2011’s economic outlook.

Were retail sales up in your area? If so, consumers may have a renewed sense of security, edging toward making purchasing decisions that they have been holding back on for several years. Besides buying electronics, household items, etc., they may now be back in the mindset to purchase something larger — like real estate. If there have been fewer layoffs by major businesses in your area, new growth in a niche business in your area, or simply stability where there was none, these consumers may be ready to make a move in real estate.

Take advantage of the momentum after the busy holiday season to ramp up your marketing. Reinvest in your business with renewed efforts at lead generation to attract the attention of new home buyers — and sellers too! Reassess your marketing — add appropriate electronic and print campaigns to find leads in niche areas you may have dropped in the recent past. This spring’s real estate market could be a different one than in the past. Are you ready?

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