After a transaction, if the client feels good — maybe even great — about the process, they are likely to offer up a glowing recommendation or testimonial.  Maybe they’ll even do that unasked!  If they are so-so about their experience, they are likely to hem and haw with your requests for feedback, or even worse, brush you off entirely.

The key is that you want to hear all the details from both these camps!  You want people to talk about their great experience working with you.  Having them pass along that great word of mouth and send referrals your way is your goal.

However, if the experience of buying or selling a home with you was anything but stellar, you need to know too.  The details of why the transaction didn’t go as planned or meet your client’s needs can help you ensure it doesn’t happen again or change the way you do things to get to closing.

Getting honest feedback is difficult when things go wrong.  A simple email questionnaire may not allow an individual to explain things completely.  Being open and upfront with your clients that you want to hear about the good — and the bad — as soon as possible is key.

Encourage them to communicate with you about their problems with you or the process immediately.  Give them options:  perhaps they are more comfortable talking to an assistant of yours; maybe they want to discuss things at a distance on the phone; often they may not want to send email or a letter as they don’t want the problems documented in their own words.  Regardless, find out what their comfort level is in relaying information to you and get to the heart of their problem.

Be sure to “make it right” for them and make sure it’s right for all your clients after them!

Let us know how you work with clients who aren’t happy with their home selling or buying process.

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