If you know that home buyers and sellers in your area use specific terms for an area of town, a type of house in your market, a specific process done only in your area when buying/selling a home, you have some great info to find even more business.

Use those specific terms in your natural search strategy and paid search bidding strategy to get more of your market.

If a neighborhood goes by a certain name that isn’t often included on maps, but is well-known by the local population, you can be sure that home buyers familiar with that area are searching for home using that term for the location.

If a ranch-style home has a certain name in your area or if a house located by a certain natural feature gets referred to as “an X house” you’ve got another valuable terms on your hands that you know others are using in their online searches and conversations.

If there are terms that investors use in your area for multi-unit properties or prime investment parcels, be sure to take that term and run with it in your search marketing.

Keep your eyes and ears open.  Listen and read what terms home buyers and sellers use with you when they discuss buying or selling a home.  It may not be a term you use or have even ever heard before, but if you start noticing the term crop up more, do a little research searching on it and see what you come up with!  It could be the next hot new term to find you more business online!

Let us know if you have snagged some good terms that result in more online hits.  (You don’t have to share the exact term(s), just let us know if the strategy is working for you!)

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