As the economy faced difficulties in the not too distant past, many real estate pros understandably tightened up their marketing budget.  The new goal was to spend limited marketing dollars on the cheapest available options to find new leads and prospects — most typically focusing on electronic marketing methods.

And here we all are down the line and the thought process currently is, if it works, don’t fix it…or is that true?

Now as the economy starts to move to more stability, many real estate pros continue their electronic-only strategy for marketing.  Or, perhaps, feeling that the method works, they are increasing their marketing budget, but not expanding the methods in which they communicate to find new leads and prospects or keep in contact with past clients.

What are you missing out on you wonder?  The fact is that by limiting your marketing to just one type of media (electronic), you limit your possibilities.  The email inbox of everyone is crowded.  Does your marketing message stand out?  Even get opened or clicked on?   Sticking only with electronic marketing could be limiting your business!

Branching out, like with financial investments, you need to diversify your marketing.  Intertwine electronic with printed marketing.  It’s a perfect match.  You can use direct mail for prospects ready to make a move and direct them to online resources.  A good old postcard, flyer or envelope will get more attention in a stack of paper mail than a single email in a bulging inbox.

Let us know how you mix your marketing methods while still keeping a handle on expenses.

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
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