As you reflect on the past year’s successes, as well as unsuccessful endeavors, it’s often a good idea to closely examine the successes — and failures — as well.  You can learn a lot from what has worked for your business and what hasn’t.  You can repeat the successes (tweaking them if you want to see if they’ll do even better) and rework or drop entirely the failures.

When you market to home buyers and sellers, what are you selling?  Yes, a home.  Real estate.  But, to the first-time buyer or seller your services hardly stand out from another real estate professional.  The one way you can stand out is to ensure your marketing is consumer-driven.  Consumer-driven content and offers connect with home buyers and sellers.  Consumer-driven material appeals to the consumer and speaks to their needs and wants.  When you reach home buyers and sellers through their needs and wants, they are more likely to reach out to you when they are ready to buy or sell a home.

Customer-driven materials are not hard to find.  All of Gooder Group’s products offer consumer-driven direct response marketing.  If you want to reach home buyers and sellers on their level, feeding their need for solid real estate information, provide them with useful real estate content and information.

Share your experience with customer-driven marketing efforts.

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Editor at Gooder Group
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