History seems to show that the official “spring” real estate season occurs after the Super Bowl. With the big game on today, what does it look like in terms of home buyers and sellers in your market? Blogging about the game is a great way to get some interaction going with your readers, but be sure to tie in their real estate questions and concerns after the rush of game day passes. 

Whether you blog about the game or not, you might find you need a fresh idea or two for your blog once in a while.  If that’s the case, check Gooder Group’s blog every Sunday (or review our blog archive) for one buyer and one seller topic to help get your posts going this week. Feel free to use the blog topics for one single post or several in a series, whatever works for you. All our blog post ideas are solid real estate information that home buyers and sellers crave as they search for their perfect home to buy or think about putting their home up for sale.

Sellers topic for your blog:

Making a home look inviting to buyers will sell a home.  Now that spring is getting closer, encourage (or remind) sellers to think spring.  Suggest ways to brighten up a home — washing windows (inside and out), opening window coverings to let light in every room, putting out brightly colored accents that suggest spring time, setting tables with a brighter feel and adding spring flowers or brightly colored blooms.  Replacing the old door mats at the front and back door, polishing the light fixtures outside the house, adding a think-spring door buy modvigil hanging or wreath to the front door.  If weather permits, encourage sellers to include a small display of photos or a set up of how the garden/yard looks in the spring and summer–especially if there is a pool or outdoor entertaining area with deck or patio. Have the seller identify landscaped areas (even in general terms) inlcuding where perennial (returning) plants are and the sunniest spot is that works well for a vegetable garden. If there is a patio and weather cooperates, consider setting up the lawn furniture to make an inviting outdoor living space to entice buyers.

Buyers topic for your blog:

Thinking spring will help buyers remember that they have until April 30, 2010 to sign a purchase offer on a home and qualify for up to $8,000 in federal tax credits. No matter what you write about in your blog, consider adding a line reminding buyers how many days they have to find a home and sign a purchase offer until the April 30 expiration. Consider incorporating a count down graphic (search “countdown clock generator” online) to add a little variety to your blog posts.

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