It might surprise you that the number of real estate agents that leverage the power of marketing automation to automate their follow-ups with new leads is still quite low. But it won’t stay low for long.

2017 will bring about a marketing renaissance, if you will. More Realtors will adopt and integrate marketing automation into their existing conversion workflow than ever before. The only reason it did not happen faster is because real estate professionals just didn’t know how to do it, or they couldn’t afford the solutions that do it for you. This trend is shifting as price-points fall, tools simplify, and return on investment sky-rockets.

Marketing automation often correlates with improved lead engagement and conversion.

Current studies show that patience is key – most leads don’t convert from anywhere between six months to two years. That means you need to stay in touch over a long period of time. Ask yourself: can you really manually contact every single lead (at minimum) 24 times, consistently? And why waste your precious time when you can invest in marketing automation?

Marketing automation saves you time and money, especially when you are busy with prospects, clients or family.

Take Action!

Invest in the Rainmaker Lead System. It’s a fully-featured, low-cost and simple solution to automate your online business with tools for both Social and Email.

You can call us at anytime at (703) 698-7750 to speak with someone about your options or if you prefer you can visit to research at your own pace. We’re here to help.

Jesse Hickman

Digital Guru at Gooder Group
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