New Rules For Today’s New Market
Old Rule: The Internet generates buyers from property search.
New Rule: Relationships generate sellers from direct marketing.

Why Farming Is Back In Today’s New Market

No question. Real estate has flipped from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market. Inventory is low. Rates are low. Buyers are starved for choice. Prices are rising. Multiple offers are back. In this new market every listing is money in the bank.  But, as a top agent asked recently, “Why use direct mail when everybody uses the Internet?”

The short answer is this: Listings come from relationships, referrals and seller-direct marketing. Yes, some Internet buyers turn out to be sellers…and some sellers will also be buyers. But the key to listings today is direct marketing. Prospective sellers appreciate touches, contacts and relationships…all things the Internet doesn’t do. That’s why farming is back for listings.

12 Ways Direct Mail Newsletters Generate Listings

You may be surprised how much more impact direct mail has today…partly because your competition has dropped out. Mostly because direct mail puts your message right into the hands of your best listing prospects: Homeowners you want to list.

Here are 12 reasons why newsletters produce results:

 #1: Branded.  The first thing sellers see is your branding with your name and face. You effortlessly build name recognition. You build trust as the local specialist. And, most important, you build listing referrals all in one stroke.

#2: Targeted.  With direct mail you can address your newsletters directly to your sphere, niche or neighborhood – dramatically increasing your response rates.

#3: Flexible.  You can fit any budget by scheduling newsletters monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. Plus by sharpening your mailing list you control your marketing costs.

#4: Quality. Nothing makes a great impression like the look-and-feel of quality. Every day your prospects sort their mail, looking for information of interest and value to them. Month after month your newsletter presents you as their local real estate professional and puts your contact information within reach.

#5: Customized. Not only can you address your customer by name, but with MyCustom (optional), you can feature your listings and local market statistics right in the newsletter, as well as write your own article, and even sell ads to sponsors to offset the cost.

More Ways Newsletters Generate Listings:

#6: Turnkey. Newsletters can be addressed and mailed for you (you never touch them!).

#7: High Impact. Newsletters are seen and saved at a higher rate.

#8: Shelf-life. Newsletters have longer shelf-life than e-mail.

#9: Handouts. Newsletters make perfect leave-behinds for hand delivery.

#10: Valuable. Newsletters are perceived as more substantive by prospects.

#11: Savings. MyCustom eliminates costly “Just Listed/Just Sold” postcards.

#12: Effective. Newsletters maximize your listings and referrals!

Even in the Internet age, direct mail newsletters are still the best way to generate listings.

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Dan Richard

Emeritus at Gooder Group
Dan is the Founder of the Gooder Group and the author of a series of successful Real Estate books:


    Steve Klinghoffer

    Many industries still benefit from direct mail. It’s not the “dinosaur” of marketing as some people call it. People get many emails a day, but only a few pieces of direct mail which means that they are more likely to pay attention to it.

      Dan Gooder Richard

      You make a good point, Steve. One key is the reduced volume of direct mail theses days. Your direct mail stands out when the competition drops out. Another is the guaranteed delivery of postal mail. No spam filters, junk mail folders or Do Not Email registries to fight through (for the record, Post Office does offer a Do Not Deliver advertising mail registry but few homeowners use). Every direct mail piece gets delivered if addressed properly. Can’t say that about e-mail.

    Darlene Boersen

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