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ROI on Email Marketing

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emailroi ROI on Email Marketing

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According to the latest Direct Marketing Association’s Response Rate Report,  email is more cost-effective than direct mail or telemarketing. ROI for email was $28.50 in sales generated for every dollar of spending, compared to $7 in sales for every dollar of direct mail spend. Depending upon the email marketing service or program you use, your returns on email marketing could be huge.  What can you do to ensure your email marketing will still be relevant and provide good returns for you in the future?

  • More is not better.  Don’t treat your email list flippantly and broadcast to the list all the time.  You’ll burn out the recipients with too much contact.
  • Be relevant.  Ensure your list(s) are segmented so that appropriate messages are going out to the right recipients.
  • Ask for permission, again.  Don’t assume that once someone signed up for email that they’re interested in receiving your messages forever.  Be kind and re-ask.
  • Monitor activity.  If your click-through rates are stagnating or dropping and your undeliverables are increasing, rethink your email marketing list.  Work to add new contacts to it continuously.

Share your best practices to get the most from email marketing for the long-term.

 ROI on Email Marketing

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