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The Value of Targeted Marketing

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ID 10067371 300x199 The Value of Targeted Marketing

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Segmentation of your email and mailing lists is crucial in today’s competitive (and sometimes fickle) marketplace.

You really need to take the time and energy to analyze your email and mailing lists and determine who is a cold lead, a hot lead, a prospect, a client and a long-term contact. And, you need to determine among those groups who are buyers and who are sellers. Further still, you should work to find out other details among the buyers and sellers including those who are relocating, down sizing, moving up, first-timers, etc.

The task is time consuming, but it is also vitally important. Consumers — like your home buyers and sellers — are bombarded with marketing messages constantly. The minute that you mistakenly market to them incorrectly (sending a seller-topic message to a first-time home buyer, for example) you lose them. Because it’s obvious to them that you don’t know what their real estate goals are, they are less likely to tune in further to your messages and trust you with their real estate needs.

If you’ve fine tuned your marketing to speak to the recipients’ specific needs, you are more likely to hold their attention, gain their trust and continue the conversation to build a relationship toward new business.

Segmenting your email and mailing lists is a necessary task. Building off of yesterday’s post about getting more detail in your database, be sure you track all the details you can about the leads, prospect and clients you communicate with daily. This depth of information will help you create marketing messages to your lists that are relevant and engaging.

Share your list segmenting successes with our readers. How do you keep the messages relevant for recipients?

 The Value of Targeted Marketing

Dan Gooder Richard

Dan is the President/Founder of GOODER GROUP - RAINMAKER LEAD SYSTEM. He is also the author of two successful Real Estate books: REAL ESTATE RAINMAKER: Successful Strategies For Real Estate Marketing (Wiley) and REAL ESTATE RAINMAKER: Guide To Online Marketing (Wiley).

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